(When) will an AI win the World Series of Poker?

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  • F — , I don’t have time for this.
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The “All In” Bet: How Soon Can an AI Bot Become the Next World Series of Poker Champion?

I’ll answer it now.

The Borgata — I spent many a weekend here (when I should have been coding)
  1. Year one — CFR/equilibrium solving (which beat the pros heads-up) works well enough for 6-max poker to be competitive and not easily exploitable.
  2. Year two — a deep learning based system learns the CFR parameters well enough to play the equilibrium machines to a draw, without the need for (much) online computation.
  3. Year three — the deep learning system plays itself, and is used to develop a suite of strategies, which succeed against different types of players (players which can be summarized by summary statistics like % hands played, aggression level, how often they call on the river, etc).
  4. Year four — these strategies go into the wild, and successfully compete against real tournament players.
  5. Year five — lots of details and fixes. Dealing with tournament dynamics, anti-bot play, implicit collusion, etc.
“five miracles”
Dr Meeta Singh on athletes, sleep, and jet lag
  • The only things that consistently work are light exposure (or non-exposure) and melatonin — and coffee does help to wake you up too
  • A meditation practice also helps, especially in the long run
I did say hi to Abe and TJ



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Nikolai Yakovenko

Nikolai Yakovenko


AI (deep learning) researcher. Moscow → NYC → Bay Area -> Miami